Not everyone who wanders is lost….certainly not the adventure seeker. Be it the alps that beckon you to scale their heights, the underwater world that asks you to share its secrets, the bike and cycle trails that tempt you to ride on, the thrill of a free fall, or the joy of the sea…you seek a holiday that pumps up your adrenalin and pushes you to test your limits…Tranquil Escapes helps you to do just that…to get on with your adventure!
With a number of destinations to choose from, we can help you plan the perfect itinerary to give wings to the adventurer in you. Get in touch with us and let your spirit of adventure take over!


  • South Africa

    For the adventure seekers South Africa can make your adrenaline rush like never before. Apart from the usual fare of paragliding, windsurfing, rock-climbing, mountain biking and hiking through wilderness trails being you can also - ‘cage dive’ with great white sharks, take a canopy tour with zip lines in tree tops, bungee jump from 708 feet! To get your rush and head out to…South Africa!

  • Switzerland

    With the majestic Alps setting the scene for adventure, you can really not ask for more. Sky diving and paragliding amidst alpine valley and lakes, scaling sheer rock faces and biking along steep mountain ridges, canyoning across thundering waterfalls, skiing, hiking, river rafting, glacier trekking, the list can just go on. Get set for the thrill of your life at…Switzerland!

  • Norway

    Set off on a cross country skiing holiday through kilometers of untouched areas, indulge in a diving expedition in the Arctic sea, canoe trips, rive rafting, kayaking in the fjords, glacier treks…all this with the midnight sun for company…sounds exciting? Well then, get your gear together and gear up for…Norway!

  • New Zealand

    The Southern Alps, magnificent forests, lakes, beaches and fiords are in abundance on New Zealand. With a well developed infrastructure to enjoy outdoor adventures and plenty of options to choose from depending on your interest and fitness, there is nothing to hold you back. Hiking enthusiasts may be aware of ‘the 9 Great Walks’ which are well designed and run through exciting landscape. For biking/ cycling enthusiasts the Otago Central Rail Trail is very popular. Get on your Kiwi adventure in…New Zealand!


"Honeymoon is one of those trips in which you don't want anything (and I repeat, anything) to go off beam. You want it to be as 'flawless' and as 'magical' as promised to your spouse. This was the reason why I was initially skeptical to hand over the arran"