Sail Away

A holiday on the high seas…a luxurious cruise, surrounded by blue seas, entertainment events, making friends with fellow passengers aboard the cruise, stops at beautiful ports and local sightseeing… a mix of both and sea! Tranquil Escapes can help you sail away on your perfect cruise-holiday.


  • River Cruises

    River cruises along the Mekong Delta River in Vietnam or the Nile in Egypt are an amazing way to explore surrounding areas along the river banks.

    During the Mekong Delta River cruise, you can relax and enjoy the beautiful landscapes by the river. Early in the morning you can visit the floating markets, spend the day passing through some tree lined canals or go on shore and experience the life of the farmers!

    Discover the ‘Gift of the Nile’ as you cruise along. Cruise operators offering Nile cruises are aplenty and you can choose one to suit your preference. Depending on the number of days you’d like to spend aboard luxurious boats you can plan your itinerary accordingly. 


"Honeymoon is one of those trips in which you don't want anything (and I repeat, anything) to go off beam. You want it to be as 'flawless' and as 'magical' as promised to your spouse. This was the reason why I was initially skeptical to hand over the arran"