Call of the Wild

You've enjoyed watching the thrill of a lioness' hunt, the playfulness of a herd of elephants, the wildebeest migration, a tiger trail, colouful birds of various kinds…on TV…now you want to see it for real!
Yes? Its time to plan that holiday which lets your explore your love of wildlife, the intrigue of the dense jungles or flat grasslands. Its time to answer the Call of the Wild! Its time to reach out to Tranquil Escapes!
We will plan that exclusive itinerary for you. An itinerary centered around experiencing the rich and varied wildlife through safaris, nature walks and places of stay! HakunaMatata!


  • Kenya

    A land where magnificent lions, stealthy cheetahs, playful elephants, mighty cape buffaloes, reclusive rhinos…roam the vast Savannah grasslands freely…a land where you can experience this at close quarters…a land that beckons you to answer the call of the wild! Take a safari you wont forget…Kenya!

  • South Africa

    South Africa houses some of Africa’s largest game reserves. With a large number and variety of animals, birds and plant species densely spread over its parks, it has become a popular safari destination. Throw in some whale watching, cage diving with sharks and it beats almost all wildlife destinations…hand down! Head to this wildlife destination…South Africa!

  • Norway

    Polar Bears, walruses, whales & seals, bears, foxes, puffins and of course reindeers…Norway has an array of species that will beguile you forever. Set in arctic landscapes the wildlife that you encounter is intriguing to say the least. Bundle up for this Arctic safari and head out to…Norway!


"Honeymoon is one of those trips in which you don't want anything (and I repeat, anything) to go off beam. You want it to be as 'flawless' and as 'magical' as promised to your spouse. This was the reason why I was initially skeptical to hand over the arran"