Green, pink and violet ribbons light up the night sky, ethereal, beautiful almost mythical…you have the Northern Lights. A glacial erosion that created a deep inlet of extraordinary beauty…you have the Fjords. Grand swatches of dense ice spread over huge areas…you have the glaciers. All these together you have Norway…get set for a holiday of a lifetime with Tranquil Escapes…Hallo Norway!

Chasing the Northern Lights may be one of the top things in most ardent travellers’ bucket lists, well, while it should be, Norway with its spectacular landscape and natural beauty has plenty more to discover! The famous Norwegian Fjords, the midnight Arctic sun, gigantic glaciers are just a few more things to add to your list.

For those you love the active-outdoor life, Norway is the place to be. Skiing, glacier trekking, white water rafting, cycling and hiking…let your adventurous side out and test your limits on this holiday.

Good time to Visit: May to October

Duration: 10 to 14 days

Ideal for: Exotic Landscapes, Families, Adventure


  • Oslo

    Complimenting all of nature’s glory in Norway, Oslo has its man made creations! The capital of Norway, nestled between the waters of the Oslofjord and the hilly forests of the interiors, creates for a beautiful setting! The only large city in Norway, with climate that is comparatively mild, it draws tourists to itself. The Viking Museum, Vigeland Sculpture Park, Norsk Folkemuseum are few of places you’d like to go. For skiing enthusiasts Holmenkollen Ski Jump & Museum is a must visit! Opera enthusiasts must visit the Norwegian National Opera & Ballet housed in a contemporary building which is a landmark in itself.

  • Bergen

    The second largest city after Oslo, is barely half its size! Often considered as the gateway to Norway’s fjords, it is located amidst seven hills and overlooks the sea, where the setting sure is perfect! Bergen has been a major port since years, visit its old quarter, Bryggen (The Hanseatic Wharf), This historic wharf dating back 900 years is characterized by wooden rows of building with seaward facing gables arranged parallelly. Bergen’s cultural life is what most cities would vie for. Coffee shops, restaurants, art galleries and interesting music venues are all part of Bergen’s vibe.

  • Tromsø

    350 km north of the Arctic Circle, is Norway’s major cultural hub… Tromsø! This port city was often used as a start-off point for many Arctic expeditions and earned the name “Gateway to the Arctic”. All thanks to the Gulf Stream, the climate of Tromsø is fairly moderated. A good spot to chase the Northern lights, it is a popular destination with tourists. Built in 1965, with a distinctive peaked roof, the Arctic Cathedral, dominates Tromsø’s skyline and is probably one of the most popular landmark building of Tromsø. While the Arctic Cathedral is made of concrete and glass mosaic, the Tromsø Cathedral is known for being completely wooden! Built in 1861 in Gothic Revival style, it is Norway’s biggest wooden church! Tromsø’s city centre has many outdoor activities you can taken on – dog-sledding, hiking, fishing, kayaking. Multi-cuisine restaurants and a lively nightlife make it an exciting town to be in.

  • Lofoten Islands

    As you approach Lofoten by ferry, at first look the island will make you think of jagged, barren lands, look again and you will see tiny fishing villages hugging the coast. Lofoten is perfect for a few days of peace and quiet. The tall mountains and deep fjords, wind swept beaches, a good spot to catch the Northern lights between September to April and the midnight sun from May to July. You can spend an idyllic time kayaking, fishing or cycling around the islands. Drive along E10 one of Norway’s National Tourist Route a scenic route that runs right across the island.

  • The Flam Railway

    Get on board the Flamsbana for an epic train ride. This 20 km railway line is one of the steepest you may ever ride! The panoramic and picturesque route between Myrdal and Flam has waterfalls, tunnels and rolling landscapes that will have you wishing that the train ride goes on and on! You can get onto this railway line easily as it is on the Bergen railway network as well. At Flam you can take a cruise along the famous fjords of this region. You could check for combination ticket options to make the most of this journey!

  • Northern Lights & Midnight Sun

    Witnessing the Northern Lights or Aurora Borealis is often the most chased spectacle for ardent photographers and travellers. In the months from September to Mid April, when the cloud cover and solar activity are at an optimum, this natural light phenomena occurs. The best area to get a chance to see this spectacle is in Northern Norway, the areas around Lofoten Islands and Tromsø are ideal as they have plenty of stay and entertainment options! Keep your camera, tripod, spare batteries and oodles of patience ready and get bedazzled by the Northern Lights. While the Northen Lights are a sight to see, another interesting wonder is to experience the Midnight Sun. From mid May to mid July the day never ends…as the earth is tiled on its axis, during these months the sun doesn’t set above the Arctic Circle. Round the clock activities are available during this time, from skiing, midnight safaris, golfing, cycling…well…like the say…make merry while the sun shines!


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