Leaving an ineffaceable mark on civilization, fashion, art and religion, ranked amongst the most visited country in the world, topping the list of countries with the highest number of UNESCO World Heritage Sites, this mesmerizing land of beautiful landscapes incites you to take an unforgettable holiday. Tranquil Escapes promises you a holiday you’ll wish never ends…Ciao Italy!

A supremely diverse nation, with differing landscapes, cuisines and dialects, each region has its own identity and its own unique offering. Rome entices you with its architectural marvels, Florence with its Renaissance masterpieces, Venice with its picturesque canals, Milan with its international fashion scene, Naples with its splendid shore and thin crust pizzas. To top it all, this country is a food& wine lovers delight, on offer is the world’s most scrumptious cuisine and the best wine!

Italy is a busy tourist destination at any time, providing enough attractions that are appealing all year round!

Good time to Visit: May to October

Duration: 8 to 12 days

Ideal for: History & Culture, Couples, Families, Shopping, Food, Wine lovers


  • Rome

    With a history spanning over 2500 years, this “Eternal City”, the capital of Italy is sure to overwhelm you. Rome was not built in a day! Spend a few days here and you will understand the truth of this expression. Being the epicenter of the Roman empire, Rome has been left with a legacy of art and architecture from this period. The Colosseum, the Forum, Palantine are just few of the places that bear testimony to the might of Caesars. Not far behind is the legacy of the popes located at Vatican City. St. Peters Basilica and the Vatican Museum which houses Michelangelo‘s Sistine Chapel ceiling will leave you transfixed. As you take a break at one of the piazzas, you are bound to feel that there is much more to see, but one thing that you just cant leave without doing is…making a wish! Grab a coin, toss it in the Trevi fountain and wish upon it…so you may visit this Eternal City yet again!!

  • Amalfi coast & Capri

    A winding drive along the Amalfi coats encompasses 50 kms of scenic coastline. The coastline is characterized by craggy cliffs dropping vertically into the sea, lush forests, terraced lemon groves, gorgeous sea coves and charming villages. The riot of colours, the blue skies, green trees, azure seas and pastel cliffside houses will take your breath away…if the winding roads don’t! The road along the coastline is considered to be one amongst the most beautiful in Italy, winding high up on the hillside it is considered to be an engineering marvel. Of the towns that are spread across this strip, Sorrento on the southern end of the Bay of Naples is a resort town and also the starting point of the Amalfi drive. From here, you can take a ferry to the sun splashed island Capri for a day trip. Capri was popular since the times of the Roman emperors and continues to be so with tourists today. Amalfi, the town from where this coastline derives its name, is charming, with its whitewashed houses clinging to the cliff and covered alleys and stairways. Ravello and Positano with their posh houses and villas are also worth a visit.

  • Tuscany

    The birthplace of Renaissance, the Tuscany region is home to some of the art and architecture marvels of all time. The fact that the heavyweights of art and culture like Michelangelo, Botticelli, Da Vinci, Dante all hail from this region, makes this region a must visit for art lovers. A visit to Florence will give you a chance to admire Michelangelo's David, Botticelli’s Birth of Venus and many churches and cathedrals which are masterpieces of the Renaissance period. The must-have picture of with you supporting the Leaning Tower of Pisa also warrants a visit to this region. While indulging yourself in the marvels of Tuscany, sample some of the finest wine from the vineyards of Chianti and tuck into an impressive gourmet meal. Time on hand, means you can further explore the towns of Siena and Lucca for some impressive architectural delights.

  • Venice

    A cluster of almost 100 islands in the marshy lagoon of the Adriatic Sea forms Venice. One of the most romantic settings of all time, Venice is a favorite destination with honeymooners! With gondolas as the mode of transport this city is best discovered through its canalways. A wealthy trading centre, its history is told by the beautiful palaces and churches that abound. Take a waterbus to the island of Murano to watch artisans at work on the famed Venetian glass. Just walk around crossing on the many footbridges that abound and stop by at a piazzas to soak in all that is Venice over a cup of coffee.


"Honeymoon is one of those trips in which you don't want anything (and I repeat, anything) to go off beam. You want it to be as 'flawless' and as 'magical' as promised to your spouse. This was the reason why I was initially skeptical to hand over"