Just off the cost of East Africa in the Indian Ocean is an archipelago of more than a 100 islands, with powder white sand and topaz blue seas, get away to this tranquil tropical paradise with Tranquil Escapes…Bonzour Seychelles!

Although Seychelles has over a 100 islands, majority of them are uninhabited, they are nature reserves. In Seychelles, nature takes precedence! With the romance provided by secluded beaches and a perfect tropical setting, Seychelles is a very popular honeymoon destination.

Good time to Visit: May to October

Duration: 5 to 7 days

Ideal for: Natural Beauty, Beach, Adventure, Couple, Families


  • Mahe

    This ‘granite’ island is biggest in Seychelles and is also home to Victoria the capital city of Seychelles. Majority of the local population dwells on Mahe, in and around Victoria. This mountainous island has close to 60 beaches…you have a variety to choose from! Busy beaches to secluded coves, you can explore till you find the perfect spot for yourself. Just laze around on the beach all day, swim in the sea, go kayaking, diving or snorkeling with whale sharks…after all that isn't a better place to do just this! If you get restless, you can head inland to the mountainous areas of the island. With thick forest cover and waterfalls you can trek or rock climb to discover viewpoints with breath taking vistas.

  • Praslin

    Praslin defines the word idyllic! The 2nd largest island of Seychelles, is only about 12 km long and 5 km wide! Not too quiet and not too bustling, Praslin give you the perfect midway! Praslin is a good base to explore islands around. If giant tortoise are what you’d like to see, the Curieuse island is a must visit, for diving the island of St. Pierre, for observing sea birds visit Cousine island. Praslin is home to the Coco De Mer palm, an exotic plant that gows in its natural state only here and in the nearby Curieuse island . With its peculiarly shaped fruit, there are many legends around this plant, that claim Seychelles is where the true Garden of Eden is located!! You can visit the Vallée de Mai at Praslin where these palms can be found, hiking trails through this forests are rich with plants and elusive birds.

  • La Digue

    If you want to do nothing, but relax in beautiful surrounding and enjoy a bit of local atmosphere La Digue is the place to be. La Digue has managed to keep maintain its sleepy tropical island image and hasn’t become as bustling as Praslin or Mahe. With minimal road network and very few cars, you will love the laid back feel on this island. Just 5 kms from Praslin by boat, you can explore La Digue as a day trip, but if you really want to get the feel of this place a day or two here is perfect.


"Honeymoon is one of those trips in which you don't want anything (and I repeat, anything) to go off beam. You want it to be as 'flawless' and as 'magical' as promised to your spouse. This was the reason why I was initially skeptical to hand over"