The land of the Pharaohs & Pyramids, with a history spanning over 4000 years, a tourist destination from the times of the Greeks & Romans…Tranquil Escapes takes you on this journey to this timeless beauty, to Egypt… Ahlan-wa-sahlan!

If you thought Egypt was only about the Pyramids, you thought wrong! While visiting the ancient pyramids should obviously be on the top of your must-dos, Egypt, has a lot more on offer. Begin with a cruise along the Nile! Sailing past sites of Upper Egypt, you will probably be able to understand what Egypt is all about.

Once you have had your fill of the grandeur of Egypt’s past, you still have Egypt’s natural beauty to explore. Egypt has some beautiful beaches & rich coral reefs that are waiting to be explored.

Good time to Visit: November to February

Duration: 6 to 9 days

Ideal for: History, Cruise, Food, Families


  • Pyramids of Giza

    One of the architectural marvels of all time, the Giza Pyramids have captivated our minds since we were in school learning about the 7 Wonders of the Ancient World! One of the only wonders that still stands proudly, bearing the ravages of time, these pyramids remain majestic as ever. Years of excavation have given answers to why pyramids were built, how they were built and what they contained, a lot of the mythical stories still prevail. The Sphinx, with its human head and lion’s body, just adds to the sense of wonder that surrounds the pyramids. As you wind up your visit to Giza, you might find yourself wondering if the pyramids were really built by humans, such is the construction!

  • Nile Valley

    The Nile, is the reason why Egypt exists the way it has, no wonder Egypt is often referred to as the ‘Gift of the Nile’! Along the Nile are a number of ancient monuments and thousands of tombs that you can explore. The sight-seeing options here are mind boggling, so it makes sense to make your base at Luxor or Aswan and explore the region as day trips from here. At Luxor, there are plenty of sights that you may want to spend time at - Luxor Temple, Karnak Temple (Amun Ra Temple) and the Valley of the Kings across the river are some sights. From Luxor, you can take a boat ride to places like Edfu – which houses the Temple of Horus. From Aswan, you can join excursions to Abu Simbel - an archaeological site where twin temples cut out from the or excursions to temples of Philae and Kabasha. Another exciting way to visit all sites of the Nile valley is by taking a cruise on the Nile.

  • Nile Cruise

    Discover the ‘Gift of the Nile’ as you cruise along the Nile. Cruise operators offering Nile cruises are aplenty and you can choose one to suit your preference. Depending on the number of days you’d like to spend aboard luxurious boats you can plan your itinerary accordingly. A classic cruise itinerary would mean boarding the boat from Aswan and alighting at Luxor. Usually, sightseeing and entrance fees are included in the fare. Many of the cruises give you an option to visit most of the important sites along the Nile valley. For the adventurous, you can also enjoy sailing in a ‘felucca’ a sail boat being used since olden time, it does have a charm of its own, if not the luxury of a cruise boat!

  • Museums

    Considering the archeological wealth that this country has to offer, imagine the treasures that a museum here might contain! The Egyptian Museum is one of the top attractions of Cairo. With a number of royal mummies, antique treasures like jewellery and utensils, this museum will take you right down to Egypt’s history. Another important place that needs a visit is the Bibliotheca Alexandrina at Alexandria. While its architecture is enough to make it worth a visit, do remember that its main reading room holds almost 8 million books and can accommodate close to 2500 people. There are specialized sections of children of different age groups and visually challenged people. This complex houses 4 museums, a planetarium and many other exhibitions areas

  • Siwa Oasis

    An oasis is a fertile spot in a desert created due to the presence of water. The Siwa Oasis, replete with olive and palm trees, is that ideal oasis all of us imagine. Desert safaris and quad biking can be arranged for those with an adventurous streak. From Siwa you can visit the Shali fortress and the Temple of Oracle. A good way to end the day is by taking a dip in the legendary Cleopatra’s pool, where it is believed she herself swam.

  • Dahab

    One of the popular beach destinations along the Red Sea, it was originally a Bedouin fishing village. Over the years it has emerged as a popular windsurfing beach, thanks to the wind conditions here. The coastal reefs here are rich in underwater life and makes it a popular site for snorkeling and diving. The seafood cuisine available is lip smacking, be sure to sample some, there are options for Bedouin dining by the beach as well. You can make a trip to Mount Sinai from here, you can either trek up to the peak of this biblical mountain on foot or take a camel ride. Visiting St. Catherine’s monastery at the base of Mt. Sinai can also be done.


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